1. This is Now

From the recording Fathers and Sons

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This is Now

Key of Eb
5 4 1
I thought I saw my brother. There in the crowd.

But he dies years ago, and this is now.
But for a second thought it was true somehow.
Deja vu meets here is now.

My dead brother sits beside me. I’m in the airport lounge.
He buys me a drink and says, here’s to now.
Drinking with the past, like it’s an old friend.
I raise my glass


This is now. Now is then.
Where we are going will be where we have been.
And where we have been wull guide us in.
This is now. Now is then.

I clutch my boarding pass as if it might disappear.
I look at the terminal map that says you are here.
The stewardess says hello, like a long lost pal.
Welcome to limbo. This is now.

I’m going to visit my son. We ascend into the clouds.
Time bends down and whispers, this is now.
I remember the day he left. Memories like sacred vows.
They color the clouds, because this is now.